The Gatton Show Society through its Queensland Dairy Showcase Committee was formed in 2010 by people dedicated to providing a Showcase of the Dairy Industry in Queensland. The Queensland Dairy Showcase is primarily concerned with providing an avenue whereby all sectors of the industry are able to come together and Showcase the latest developments or advances in their part of the industry. The Showcase is held in conjunction with the annual Gatton Show and features both the livestock element as well as trade displays of suppliers to the industry. Gatton Show itself is becoming one of the premier shows on the Queensland Agricultural Show circuit and with its proximity to Brisbane is attracting a wider and growing audience. In 2019 Showcase will celebrate its 10th Show.

In order to provide the next generation of both farmers and livestock we still need to preserve the stud breeding stock industry. As part of this is the ability for breeders to be able to benchmark their breeding achievements is of paramount importance. This is best achieved in the show ring where breeders have the opportunity to check their progress against other breeders under the Judges watchful eye. This is done to enable all breeders to showcase their breed and allow the ‘cream of the crop’, as it were, to be displayed. It also provides the opportunity for the public and other producers to see the achievements and advancements that the breed is making. We held our Inaugural Showcase in July 2010 hosting 153 head of cattle with 260 entries over 5 breeds. In 2018 we hosted 186 head with 320 entries over all 6 breeds making it the largest dairy show in Queensland for the second year in succession. Our Annual Showcase continues to grow in stature and popularity amongst breeders as a true showcase of the breeding industry here in Queensland.

We operate with a purely voluntary administrative, logistical and operational group of people to help deliver the Showcase each year. But even with this element covered the cost of staging such an event is quite substantial and we strive to make the cost to exhibitors and participants as minimal as possible. The gap between what we are realistically able to recover by way of entry fees etc, and our operational costs is wide and we attempt, to the best of our ability, to bridge that gap with sponsorship. In order to grow our show we need to have new sources of.

Our Mission

To provide the largest Showcase of the Dairy Industry in Queensland.

Our People

Showcase Committee

Chair: Katherine RAYMONT                                                                        

Trevor Beckingham OAM - Secretary                                           Bev Beattie

Tim Beattie                                                                           Denise Dunne

Laurie Dunne                                                                            Mike Henry

Robbie Henry                                                                      Lynne Raymont

Chris Raymont                                                                     Emily Raymont

Sharyn Voss                                                                                Roly Voss



Chris Raymont                                                                          Bev Beattie

Emily Raymont                                                                    Lynne Raymont

Trevor Beckingham OAM                                                         John Edwards

Mark Hohenhaus                                                              Robyn Hohenhaus

Lloyd Peters                                                                      Jordan Minniecon

Sharyn Voss                                                                       Johanna Gorman


Sharyn Voss                                                                      Denise Dunne

Nola Heise                                                                       and their helpers